Thursday, 22 December 2016

Working. Money. Time - less precious

today is gonna be a short one just to summarize my whole 2016.
indeed 2016 as just thrilled as 2015.
I have went through different stages of life yet I'll be standing strong and pretend I wasn't a domestic abuse victim  :')

life is hard. well nothing easy
early of 2016
it was my senior year
I precisely emphasize that I want to spend more time with my friends and forget all bad stuff.
we stay up at library from the moment it opens until we were chased out because they are closing - just to finish our thesis + watching drama.
multitask kot πŸ˜‚

and then I went through internship in a small company who dream big.
well it opens my eyes..of how is it to work as in an organization.
if I were to study again..maybe I would be just excellent πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

the gossips..the daughter of the boss..the onr who want to control everything..the bajet bagus one.

silly organization
how could you ask someone to resign just because the others wont get their increment if you don't give up your position.
silliest thing I ever heard

and then..I went through depression moment of jobless fresh graduates

I went to interview high and low

To the point i cried because I emptied my bank account because I went to alot of interview and it is really money consuming.

I cried so much because I am jobless.. I couldn't get a nice job like my friends

i keep on calling myself stupid 😞
my motivation crashes at the bottom
I don't understand what self confidence means?

so I applied to a position where I don't willing to want start my career with.

however..I have no choice

I become a customer service executives

on the inducyion day which so called important day if you agree to work in the company..i couldn't come
I have high fever of 40°
I dont have money to take mc

my mom worry because I barely could walk properly as I have deep migrain and i feel like the solid floor waving around.

but the next fever went down so i straighly went for training

but in the third day of training..i was told I ws not suppose in the building..i need to go home.


i went back to johor

month later..they called me again to come for the job

alright then..rather than jobless..I'll work with you.

so here I am still working and be best as I could serving customers of shopping portal.

well..eventually, I miss all good free time I used to had

learning how to manage my money
and spend like a youtube star.

went back and forth to sephora yet still manage to eat a good meal.

working could be love and hate

there are times you adore your are confident that you can cope with your job.

but there are time you feel like you gonna submit that resign letter and just forget every single things happen it is non of my problem now..

i wish i could

happy new years guys
may a lot of wonderful things happen tp you.
be well for your own goods
be good for others wellness

laffchu ❤πŸ‘

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Convocation Day with Love

I am always a rebel daughter, a bad daughter never good in anything daughter.
eventho..I am the only daughter.
when I was 8, I got to take my first award as an excellent student. but I never go there..because my dad insist to balik kampung. naturally..I became dismotivated
all I thought is..even if I do well in my studies, Anis will always be a bad Anis. they would never see me climb on the stage, take my pictures of smiling proudly while holding a token of effort.
most probably..they would only drop me off at school.
when I was 18, I also got to take an award as for my excellency in history, english and science subject in SPM. Well this time, I get to go and climb on the stage.I thought, this is the time I could make my parents proud. but my parents weren't there to see take my pictures. I cry by myself in the room and pretend nothing happens infront of them.
there is nothing good about me infront of them. I have my own will, i have my own drive.
I make decisions for myself yet still tied down by them
My parents finally there to see me take a scroll for what I fight for years.
I don't blame them for not coming to that important days of my life.
It just that it makes me cry whenever I thought about it..others parent would stand up proudly to take their children pictures. while me, smiling for nothing. :')
ever since then..I promise to myself to appreciate every little gestures of kindness.
my boyfriend would probably would throw up if i say another thank you to him.
this graduation day would be a day I treasure so much. so glad my parents finally there to see me took a token of reward.
indeed, there are saying.

good things come to those who wait

when we are patient, not giving a full hope. we would get what we wished. may everything become easier for most of u who are in their hardest moment.

never put a high hope..never be too proud of what you have.
always remember where you came from and cherish every little moment with your loves one.

till then people
love chuols to much 😘

Monday, 12 September 2016

Beauty Drugs ❤

Hellow Mellow darling

Have you ever took any supplement for yourself?
well I took pills for my own looks
beauty I guess

People been asking "eh anis makan apa, kenapa anis makin putih?"
"anis pakai apa, dah cerah pemandangan"
maknanya aku gelap pariyappa la dulu

itu semua jasa Vitamin C

first I took Vitamin C for 'fun'
for a body supplement
kot kot kurang vitamin ke

(*haa nampak gempak dia)

muka tangan badan kaki semua makin cerah
jerawat kurang naik
bekas chicken pox makin pudar
parut kudis zaman kanak2 dah hilang dari pandangan

i was like whoa
this is amazing

since then, setiap pagi tak tinggal makan vitamin C

bila stop makan vitamin C
muka hilang seri babe
badan kena gigit nymuk kampung sikit dah berbekas hitam

I keep on continue having this vitamin C for the sake of my skin condition.


we all know this local supplement brand
and I personally ate this at night before sleep

it also helps on my skin complexion
jerawat tumbuh, tapi tak beso gadang
jeragat makin pudar
muka kurang berminyak
okay la okay la

tapi i dont eat this two simultaneously.
for example: isnin I makan vitamin C waktu pagi
selasa pagi tak makan vitamin C tapi malam makan dianz
rabu, sama macam isnin
khamis , sama mcam selasa

sebab both ada vitamin c
and I don't want to have too much vitamin C
takut ada side effect pulak aih

so that is my supplement
what's yours?

teringin nak try perla king and jus goyang rapat che ta ( pehal kau ni anisπŸ˜‚ )

korang pulak makan supplement apa and berkesan tak??
kita pun cam nak try gak😘

Monday, 29 August 2016

Morning Feed

Hello Assalamualaikum

today is all about breakfast
I always love breakfast

and who doesn't love breakfast?

So I decided to make an appreciation post about breakfast to celebrate breakfast we all had every morning

So what did you eat breakfast?

Nak kata healthy breakfast
me myself head over heels for nasi lemak or mee goreng

and most days bila duduk rumah je, I eat breakfast twice.
first dalam pukul 8
second round dalam pukul 11

if not
the whole day i tak senang hati sebab lapar

so let say if I had cereal or muesli in my first round
the second round I'd be looking for bread, fruits or kalau ada nasi lemak I sebat je.hehe

my favourite breakfast cereal so far

I thought Im gonna hate this
but in the end i even could eat this for dinner sebab sedapp

For Muesli this is one of top favourite sampai tak makan dgn susu pun takpe
sedap gila

for milk
i don't mind
low fat ke full cream ke
sebab i buy milk ikut harga
mana ada promosi tu yang I beli
I is warga miskin bandar gais

and my way of eating cereal. susu tak lebih dari cereal
cereal taknak tenggelam dgn susu
paras susu mestilah cetek dan cukup rasa je

there is actually a research found that a big breakfast is good for woman
so basically girls eating a lot of food for breakfast is actually helps them mentally and physically.

tapi nak big breakfast pun make sure yang healthy laa
karang gemuk menangis la kau di penjuru katil

so don't forget to breakfast okayy
love you to the bits

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Make Up Purpose? Men or What?

eyyo darlingston, Assalamualaikum

I just feel like writing today
hew hew

Kenapa perempuan make up?
untuk ngorat lelaki ke??
mesti ada laki yang tanya this kind of question and some girls who won't get it the power of makeup

for me
for me laa kan
i don't know about you guys

Hell No I would makeup For Men!!!
for me woman wore makeup for their own motivation.
we girls feel more confident wearing makeup..
right girls??

we feel like we are ready to kick off our day and going anywhere without feeling like a goose.

but I is against pale white skin because..I am alive..I don't have too look like ghost to be pretty.

you know right that "whitening era" where beautiful are measured by skin colour.

I still against that

Wearing makeup for woman
it help us too feel beautiful
when we feel beautiful, we are confident

it is not like competing with other girls.
not that way
but too spread this positivity through makeup and help othet girls too feel beautiful too

you don't believe me guys?

try to text your partner "goodmorning beautiful"
it will lighten up their day and she will be in good mood the whole day.
That is how it affect woman's everyday life.

so don't judge woman by makeup
the power of makeup is so beyond that what you see
and the word beautiful it self holds a lot of emotional effect on woman.

so guys
just let your girls get their hand on makeup.even better..give them makeup

because this secret superpower makeup brought is more than what you see.

only cheap girls wear makeup for men.
till then

Goodnight Dearies
11:46 pm
20th August 2016

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Sensitive Skin and How to Tackle it.


today I will be talking about my skin.
my pathetic skin..pathetic sensitive skin.
who ever knows me..they know how red my skin would be bila kena cahaya matahari, lepas cuci muka, bila kena habuk and bila panas.

teruk sangat..

jerawat sebulan dua bijik tu paling minimum..tu pun saiz gadang.

so I am not nak kata putih kemerah- merahan tu bullshit.
it just I get older, I keep on changing my facial routine..trying products I never use before, so my skin layer getting fed up and decided to get thinner. thus, sensitive reddish skin.

espicially lepas mandi..kulit muka rasa how do I take care of it.

right choice of facial wash tetap sama..because this is the only brand that i use which soothes my skin most.

mahal sikit..but this thing is so nice to my skin. kurang pedih berbanding brand safi or garnier or loreal. banyak kan I dah try.

and then..bila dah merah tu..mcm mana nak sooth kan kulit balik?
well lepas mandi..wajib sgt pakai moisturiser. nak cantik jgn malas kata eina azman.
so usually I would choose moisturizer which contains aloe vera. any brand as long as it have aloe vera

this is top 2 of my choice

both memang bagus..kulit kurang pedih..and aloe vera really helps burn and sensitive skin.. 

but each ada pros and cons
for himalaya herbal
pros dia..wangi..really light on skin and you can use it every part of your body. 
quite pricey..baru ni harga dia naik from rm15 to rm17 and lambat absorb

for safi moisturizer
murah..cepat meresap dalam kulit and takyah pakai banyak..sikit pun dah rasa covered enough
krim pekat and action dia lambat. tak terus soothing mcm himalaya punya brand.

but I can do both..I don't mind really.

both facial wash and essential. seriously essential

I recently bought avene thermal spring water spray. 
and bila tgh panas rasa pedih ke..waktu bergomol main habuk kulit pedih ke
i just spray this shit on to my face and it works wonder.

lega rasa

this is full size.
but i got mine in travel size and cost for fm12 at guardian
siapa yang ada baca post sebelum ni on night skincare routine. maybe dah familiar dgn barang2 kat atas tu. 
so malas nak tangkap gamba. benda sama je dgn sebelum ni.

other tips on sensitive skin is
kurangkan make up
let your skin breathe.
pakai concealer utk tutup merah2 tu dah..jgn nak pakai foundation bronzer highlighter semua. nak cuci nanti jenuh..perit pulak tu kulit. hm tak usah la kita.

minum air banyak2.
so kulit kita pun tak kering and mengelupas. kalau mengelupas tu..lagi perit lah cerita dia.

guna mask dari bahan organik
contohnya tomato,oat,timun, extrak aloe vera ( real).

elakkan skrub
skrub ni kikis sel kulit mati. mmg bagus. tapi kalau epidermis kulit dah nipis,  dah tak bagus la cerita dia.

elakkan penggunaan alcohol di kulit. alcohol free product
kalau dah ada alcohol dlm skincare. hmm terbako ler kulit kita kome. pedih teramat.

mata dah berat. 
happy reading girls.
i hope you find this useful
ciao ❤

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Laptop Rosak


kalau keyboard rosak takleh nak type acano??
nak kena beli baru ke?

so i leave a mark at your chatbox like the dopest message evahh

'singgah jap'
'singgah sini '
'anis singgah jap'

when I planned to look cooler with

'passed by..'
'walked here'


keyboard kat laptop decided not to let me type few letters like 'E', 'K', 'M' 'W'.

ni pun guna fon

imagine password laptop letak nasilemakkopio
tetibe takboleh log on

ingat laptop rosak
rupanya keyboard

nasib baik ada handphone and boleh setting password balik dekat

dapat i tengok movie..

well..when I have time

I type laa lagi eh