we are FRIENDS indeed

Monday, August 19, 2013

Assalamualaikaum..whaddup whaddup :P
tjok dy..merapu..juz wanna tell about ma childhood friends that we spend time together almost everyday..*dululor*
We met at sekolah kebangsaan seksyen 9..we're in the same class in derejah 3..and then dy tuka2 klas..but kitorang rapat when first I moved in Palma Perak..
mse kitorang punggah2 barang,,then dy datang bg surat..such a bold girl..She must be glad ada orang satu skolah dgn dy duk satu kwsn rumah ngn dy..yea ar..mse tuu rumah nie bru siap kot..
x kesah ar..after that we spend alot of time together
kitorang shopping shopping ..makan-makan..
and the best thing is..we travel by bus..banyak beran kannn..
aq pon msuk abbasiah..dy pon skolah kt kelantan..jauh sangadd..
kitorang jumpa mse cuti jewr..hmmm..
and then dy pndah flora damansara..
lagi laa haru biru kakak neh..
sejak dari tuu..
anis zuhairah x bergaul ngn ramai orang..boleh dikatakn none of them like her..
nak g shoppeng2 poun sorang2..sedih kann..
hopefully i get to meet her again..
SKS9 friends again..
chat2 sembang2 childhood is sweet larh

i just hope that she's doing well with her beloved husband..
a cool mummy for her adored daughter
i dont want her to force herself to remember me..
she must be awesome like before..
a better woman who lead her chosen path
and isha allah..
we'll be meeting each other again
ameen ya rabbal alamin

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