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Monday, October 14, 2013

hal tersebut dbawah adalah dikhaskan untuk assignment
kte x pnah amek tahu kann pasal bnde2 cmnie..namun begitulahh hakikat pelbagai pihak utk mnyelamatkan bumi
(ckap bajet mcm nk jdi presiden US jaa)
wokeh straight to the point..

  • in 2010, the carbon disclosure project commended us for our approach to climate change disclosure 
- adding us to the carbon to the carbon disclosure leadership index for the first time.
  • listed as maplecraft climate innovation index leader in 2010 for our efforts to use less energy, reduce waste & promote green work space.
  • Kraft Food ranked 23rd in the 2011 corporate social responsibilities index, based on a survey of consumer created by the Boston college centre for citizenship & the reputation institute.
Inmed partnership for children is proud to work with Kraft Food foundation toward our shared goals to fight unger and malnutrition, and help youth put health into action. together, we are creating hope and opportunity for the next generation, providing more than 10,000 of brazils most vulnerable youth with the foundation of knowledge and good health they need to transform their futures.
for moooooore information..please cekidaut this link 
zuhairaa ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

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