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Saturday, March 15, 2014

it sundays and Chillax laa~

Im quite not certain of what im going to talk about 
here's the thing
dari kecik sampai ke sangat
Im the only one in my family who hates being interrupted
I hates my blackcurrant jam being eaten by my own brother
I hate my hairband on other pipol head
I hate when my pencil touched by my lil brother
I hate pipol snuggling into my room without any motives
all of these above will make me 

and I couldn't figure out why this only stays within family
i am guardian angel with other pipol
i won't get mad if i found my stuff on other pipol table or when they use it without my permission
all i could say is
"lenkali kalo nak guna lagi ambik jelaa..takyah mintak pon takpee =)"

but last few days
my hunny bunny rambut panjang talking about my stuff,blog,my appearance
"i tengok your blog semak laaa..."
" is only my hobby..Im not inviting pipol to read it..kalo diorang nak bace..bace laaa"
"u know what..ur blog beterabur..pastu susah nak bace blablablablabla"
" is my blog,,my stuff,,my thing,,and I am the one who decide what to put and where to put --"
"tapi kalo hobby pun..."
"bie..sebab my hobby laa i have my own taste, same like mcm u psg helikopter what..u ade citarasa u sendiri..mne nak ketat mane nak longgar nanti nak fly pun smooth je"

last week he gotta blog
and it is about his RC heli, his music 
in a nutshell 
his passion ♥
tekan sini kalau nak tengok inche luqman punya blog
then he started to complain about my blog and that moment i started to feel annoyed
while im digesting what was he talking about..i started to feel like I become really defensive towards my stuff..the thing is
he is part of my family, my life and my soul
so that is why I become defensive towards my things maybe
the other thing is
i cry easily because of him
dulu kapel ngn org laen ponn
payahnye laa air mata nak mengalir..and everyone knows me as 'hati kering'
punya laa orang ceramah motivasi nangis nangis sampai basah tudung deme dek air mata 
steady maintain cool je..bole senyum lagi bole buat lawak bahalol aku lagi

Dengan inche luqman hakiem
mak aihhh
sikit sikit nangis
sikit sikit nangis
tak reply msg pon daa nangis
tak leyh nak skype pun nangis
kene marah lagi laa nangis
and i keep thinking
what the hell got into me..since when my airmate become so murahh

Im trying to be an adult..mature since he ask for it
he want us to look serious
but this nangis fever got into me since i met him..seriously since i met him..macam geram because this make me look more childish evahh. Me, childhood,tears is obviously a contradiction.
i tell my friend because of this unstoppable nangis fever and all she say is
'nampak laa yang sayang sangat kat dia'
really laa but why air mata become so cheap..i dont easily sell you infront of others remember?only infront of your love ones..
but all he do is 'action speaks louder than word'
kene tinggal lif punn tacing kucingg
sorry sayang but if you love me you would let me ride the lifts right?? offense just kidding syg :*
well the point here is

He is my stuff
well he is..mine
and i will certainly babble scream and mumbling if anybody trying to take him away
and even worst case scenario is
 I will certainly cry

this picture actually after im crying sebab kena marah diorang duk sorokkan fon
pastu abang kita daa mara sebab barang letak merata
horror gilaa sebab tuu nanges
then diorang tgok I nangis so they give back my fon and i took several picture of my bengkak face.

The End

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