Monday, May 08, 2017


Hey there who still reads mine
thank you for being loyal with my stories

It all happen yesterday. I once said clearly to everyone
I feel like running away somewhere far where I don't want to be connected with real worlds

Angan angan kosong semua tu
takkan dapat punya konfirm

Well yesterday i suppose to go back to seremban and as always pali will send me home
who is pali? lantakkan
so i met him at Midvalley
aniszuhairah bukan seorang yang lambat

tapi kalini aniszuhairah dah buat orang tunggu sejam
(faham tak rasa bersalah tu cemana??)

so I met him at sepiring at second floor atas Plan B if I was not mistaken
Yeayy finally sampai

Assam Laksa 
Then we go from level to another untuk buang masa dan buang lemak then we decided to run away from people ocean

Oh my you know how crowded malls are on weekends plus awal bulan la kann

so we were in the car discussing and I say
I want to go somewhere but not shopping malls

then I talk about sunway lagoon
Pali immediately say " Jom PD Jom"

Damn letsgo sayang don't buang masa lets drive over

Masa OTW jgn cakap hujan masha allah lebat
All I thought takdapat sit by the beach pun takpe as long as I could see the sea
We sing and borak gossip by gossip

and it took an hour 30 minutes to arrive PD from MidValley okay

sempat singgah beli jajan and sushi beli kat midvalley pun ada
little picnic la kita :)

oh my makan sushi sambil duduk tepi pantai sebenarnya sangat heaven okay


well a little unplanned getaway is so much fun

post pembuka in 2017

till later
baibye love

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