Wauuu Wauuuu!!

Friday, September 06, 2013

Assalamualaikum and Ahoy ma dearest dearest! :D

today was a normal day which I get an unpaid driver..feel so good you hard to resist when you have somebody volunteer to drive you home..seriously :D:D:D

my entry title called WAUUU WAUUU to express an amazed feeling about an earth..

Ithought i lived longer so..there is alot that I learn..but literally no.. I still learning yet crawling to know more about people on earth.

one day in KL sentral when I just finish purchases LRT token through a vending machine ( world become weirder day by day..technologies beat people down..) there is a middle aged man approach me while counting coins on his palm..and ask me "deq ada 50 sen tak..tak cukup laa" seeing this uncle without any noise I just dig my pocket and the exact 50 cent  jump out of it. I hand it over to him and quickly shuffle to rush the LRT.

on the escalator...

I have a deep though..I saw this man earlier with a crowd of chinese youth seems like he ask for the same thing(i'm not racist serously..because me myself have a chinese blood)..but they ignore the man and he moved over to the next vending machine where when I was buying the token.. Is he unpaid...poor..being left..bankrupt??
where did he want to go..at that moment I still have a little fever from days before so I bought some food that I though I could consume it without puke..

Iwait or the man ot the second floor where the LRT depart and arrives.. I wanna have a nice little conversation to know more about the man. who is he really..

but he didn't pop up at the escalator until the LRT arrives..

confuse...maybe he went to the other side...

I look down at the packed food that I bought before...

If he really penniless...he must be hungry...when was the last time he have a full meal...?

why there is still human counting coins to go to their wish destination when Malaysia claims that they gave everything to their citizens.

Are this they called it MERDEKA?? 1 MALAYSIA...

I didn't want to offend our wise prime minister but.....

he could be even more wiser... and responsible leader of a country if he seizing this kinda problem serously..
make a move..and produce a better country which envied by others...

and  I wonder....

where was the uncle at this late hour...Is he ... Alive?

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