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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Assalamualaikum and Good Morning darlings
I thought of do reviews about coffee and tea since I love them so much. hahaha 
Tak pernah dibuat orang but who cares 
So today we'll talk about my current favourite tea which is  Red Berries Infusion Tea from TESCO
(tesco je kiah ?! -_-)

it contains

the colour almost like ribena and very berry tasty..but its a TEA
hence this post.
I recommend this for those who loves tea and love trying something new.

Sumpah sedap !!

Normally those westeners never put sugar in their tea..but we growing up taught by our elders to always add some sugar to our tea.

I would brew this tea with 2 teaspoon of sugar + 1 teaspoon of honey + a bag of berry tea + deliciousness :)

that honey really bring out the fruit flavour of those berry.

if you ever drink at coffee bean there is one tea taste exactly like this.

I don't remember the name..but it taste as good too. memang i tell yopu rasa dia sebijik dengan dekat coffee bean.

kalau at coffee bean..the price for a cup would be more than rm10

tapi yang ni sekotak baru rm4.50 ada 20 teabags. so 20 cawan boleh buat !!

why bother to waste your money girls.

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