Hermo shopping experience with POSLAJU

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

how was your day

well aniszuhairah nak cerita experience shopping with HERMO with Poslaju services

so I bought 3 items

the website is so minimal which more preferred and senang sangat nak cari barang (this post is not sponsored by hermo harap maklum)


the order information page is not what I am expected
I actually have chose the address due to this thing
terpilih alamat ofis lama..kena call customer service pulak dohh
and once dah bgtau alamat baru, it will not updated in the system so kita duk takut kalau barang sampai kat alamat lama

nasib baik cik kiah weyy
sampai jugak barang iols

Customer Service
I do call customer service to ensure my item was sent correctly to the required address
then the chinese lady who pick up my call said
" its okay miss, you can email to us the correct address with order number and we will change it for you"

There are no proper greetings, " hello hermo"

Then I straightly send email to the cutsomer service and few hours later they responded to my email

wuuu laju

11street would take 1 day to answer customer's email due to segregation by the Team Leader
and they did not make things complicated
cara diorang jawab email so straighforward like this:

Hi dear,
Noted, we will help you amend the address.
Thank you and have a nice day!
Sincerely Yours,
Hermo CS - WC NG
The HermoMY
For Customer Service, Call (60) 07-5623567 (M-F 9:00am-6:00pm)
macam ni je kays
kalau aniszuhairah dulu kat 11street panjang kau. haha nasib la sape menerima
packaging diorang simple sangat suka tengok with alotsof bubble wrap
due to seronok sgt both packaging and bubble wrap dah buang. hekhek

Postage take exactly 3 days which i did not expect
Order selasa jumaat baru sampai :)
kita sedia fon kat atas meja depan mata kut abe Poslaju tak jumpa ofis tapi tak call pun
Cakap dgn abe tu dia kata dah call tapi takdapat..hmm takpelah yang penting sampai


Product Reviews
On next post okayy. tak lalu nak tulis banyak2

Here is the list item which I bought
1. A'pieu Sugar Melting Tint 1.8g
2. A'pieu Cushion Tok Concealer
3. Hanaka 花恋肌-Q10 Repair Whitening Hand Cream 密集修护嫩白护手霜50g

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