Product Review ❤ LA Girl Blusher and Quad Eyeshadow

Friday, August 11, 2017


so harini we will be reviewing LA Girl product

LA Girl Just Blushing


LA Girl Eyelux Eyeshadow


First Impression

left just radiant right just rosy

So easy to blend like what?!!
even kalau terletak lebih we can brush it off using clean brush
unlike catrice blusher..once dah terletak banyak..disaster weh

it's good because I dont have light hand when it come to blusher
for Just Rosy shade..this would be my favourite everyday blusher

but I have a problem with the other shade which is Just Radiant
The shimmer is crazy

seriously look at it

the yellow undertone of this blusher made me think multiple times to wear it
and yet I still would find a way to apply this shimmie shimmie blusher.


The packaging is top top tip top.
tudiaa cik yahhh

Jeffrey Star always remind us that good product come with good packaging and this feels heavy !!
love it it just that it is too bulky i could not find a good place too place it.


First Impression

GIRL..I got to tell you something really important
and this eyeshadow is pigmented not like how they swatch!!
plus it stays well on your eyes.

Normally I would only prime my eyes with concealer or foundation that i used to carve out my brows
(yet im still sucks at doing my own brow)
and that is enough for to make this shadows last all day

since the packaging is the same as the blusher. not much to say other than bulky but heavy. worth the price

Until the next reviews

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