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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

As promised kann, I will do a product review for product which I bought from Hermo

1. A'pieu Sugar Melting Tint 1.8g ( RD02)

First Impression

PIGMENTED GILA. Like one wsipe it is very red so do not need too much of the product. overall i think this can be very longlasting. The tint also is very easy to blend. I never try on my cheeks yet as blusher, sbb muka tak sihat sangat takut makin teruk :(


The packaging unik sangat. hahaha
you need to click the bottom part to get the produck out. But it does not came out terus seinci.. bila tekan kelua sikit sikit.
banyak review kata packaging sgt menyusahkan sbb tak bole masukkan product balik.
dah kau nak kelua masuk mende alah ni dah kenapa -_-
nampak sgt tangan diorang yang gatal nak tekan tekan
so, girl..a little goes a long way okay
takyah tekan tekan sangat

2.  A'pieu Cushion Tok Concealer

First Impression
unlike their lip tint product this does not reach my expectations.
not pigmented and senang cakey
I wore it to cover my dark circles but it does not help at all.
Buat makin teruk ada -_-

The packaging also..haihh
you actually need to pick up the product from the cap 

tersangat tak convenience okay.
the sponge kat hujung pun tak membantu untuk blend

see it did not pick up a lot of product

nampak tak sebelah tint tu. tak pekat kann :|

3. Hanaka 花恋肌-Q10 Repair Whitening Hand Cream 密集修护嫩白护手霜50g (French Fresh)

First Impression
wangi and really fresh scent.

krim dy likat. tak cair mcm setengah product and bau dy long lasting.
the cream does dry out your skin and it absorbs really fats into your skin

the packaging very nice and sleek and normal hand cream packaging la. tapi comey comey
packaging yang lain pun design dia cantik cantik

well thats all for today
shall you guys have any product you want me to test out boleh bagitahu kay
hope this help
till next time :)

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