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Thursday, December 22, 2016

today is gonna be a short one just to summarize my whole 2016.
indeed 2016 as just thrilled as 2015.
I have went through different stages of life yet I'll be standing strong and pretend I wasn't a domestic abuse victim  :')

life is hard. well nothing easy
early of 2016
it was my senior year
I precisely emphasize that I want to spend more time with my friends and forget all bad stuff.
we stay up at library from the moment it opens until we were chased out because they are closing - just to finish our thesis + watching drama.
multitask kot 😂

and then I went through internship in a small company who dream big.
well it opens my eyes..of how is it to work as in an organization.
if I were to study again..maybe I would be just excellent 😂😂.

the gossips..the daughter of the boss..the onr who want to control everything..the bajet bagus one.

silly organization
how could you ask someone to resign just because the others wont get their increment if you don't give up your position.
silliest thing I ever heard

and then..I went through depression moment of jobless fresh graduates

I went to interview high and low

To the point i cried because I emptied my bank account because I went to alot of interview and it is really money consuming.

I cried so much because I am jobless.. I couldn't get a nice job like my friends

i keep on calling myself stupid 😞
my motivation crashes at the bottom
I don't understand what self confidence means?

so I applied to a position where I don't willing to want start my career with.

however..I have no choice

I become a customer service executives

on the inducyion day which so called important day if you agree to work in the company..i couldn't come
I have high fever of 40°
I dont have money to take mc

my mom worry because I barely could walk properly as I have deep migrain and i feel like the solid floor waving around.

but the next fever went down so i straighly went for training

but in the third day of training..i was told I ws not suppose in the building..i need to go home.


i went back to johor

month later..they called me again to come for the job

alright then..rather than jobless..I'll work with you.

so here I am still working and be best as I could serving customers of shopping portal.

well..eventually, I miss all good free time I used to had

learning how to manage my money
and spend like a youtube star.

went back and forth to sephora yet still manage to eat a good meal.

working could be love and hate

there are times you adore your are confident that you can cope with your job.

but there are time you feel like you gonna submit that resign letter and just forget every single things happen it is non of my problem now..

i wish i could

happy new years guys
may a lot of wonderful things happen tp you.
be well for your own goods
be good for others wellness

laffchu ❤🍑

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