Convocation Day with Love

Saturday, November 26, 2016

I am always a rebel daughter, a bad daughter never good in anything daughter.
eventho..I am the only daughter.
when I was 8, I got to take my first award as an excellent student. but I never go there..because my dad insist to balik kampung. naturally..I became dismotivated
all I thought is..even if I do well in my studies, Anis will always be a bad Anis. they would never see me climb on the stage, take my pictures of smiling proudly while holding a token of effort.
most probably..they would only drop me off at school.
when I was 18, I also got to take an award as for my excellency in history, english and science subject in SPM. Well this time, I get to go and climb on the stage.I thought, this is the time I could make my parents proud. but my parents weren't there to see take my pictures. I cry by myself in the room and pretend nothing happens infront of them.
there is nothing good about me infront of them. I have my own will, i have my own drive.
I make decisions for myself yet still tied down by them
My parents finally there to see me take a scroll for what I fight for years.
I don't blame them for not coming to that important days of my life.
It just that it makes me cry whenever I thought about it..others parent would stand up proudly to take their children pictures. while me, smiling for nothing. :')
ever since then..I promise to myself to appreciate every little gestures of kindness.
my boyfriend would probably would throw up if i say another thank you to him.
this graduation day would be a day I treasure so much. so glad my parents finally there to see me took a token of reward.
indeed, there are saying.

good things come to those who wait

when we are patient, not giving a full hope. we would get what we wished. may everything become easier for most of u who are in their hardest moment.

never put a high hope..never be too proud of what you have.
always remember where you came from and cherish every little moment with your loves one.

till then people
love chuols to much 😘

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