Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Once Upon A Time

there is a girl who love a man truely who claim he loves the girl infinitely. the man showered the girl  with sweetest promises and hopes. the girl drowned in his honeyed words each day. they spend each  minutes wisely and hardly seperated.

one day

the man found guilty of killing a girl heart. he left the girl with lies and false hope. the man admitted that he fall in love with a bitch from nowhere.

the girl spends her time with tears . the river of tears flows infinitely and repeatedly ask the creator to stop the storm and fill her days with sunshine again.

but each day was a nightmare to her. she unable to stand on her own feet. the angels trying their best to stop the storm but it getting stronger and stronger.

while the man is still drowning with the cast of the bitch.

the girl stood up to walk on her own way. but each step is not as easy as she thoughts. she falls and stumbles and bleed again by the man's hope and promises.

right now..as she is writing. she still trying her best to step on the pebbles of life.

hoping the sunshine will shine again tomorrow

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