Penang Trip with Love

Friday, December 25, 2015


its been a long time since the last time I scribble here's come to the end of the year
and many things happen.
including going on a trip that I will never forget..


maka ceritanya..kami berempat berkelana kononnya nak jadi backpackers
with limited amount of money
under rm250
we survive 3 days 2 night at penang
how cool is that huh?

now here is the trick..
find a dorm for backpackers
book your air ticket early
plan your journey carefully

last may
we got lucky to be able buy air ticket to penang
pergi balik kayy
for only rm59
bahagia sangat
kalau naik kereta taktahulaa

so four of us
Venus, Nana, Nora and ofcourse Anis Zuhaira
buy the ticket for ourselves
and we plan the journey as a 4 musketeerinas to penang

we search for a good dormitories for backpackers
and we come across the cheapest dorm
Clockwise Hostel
placed in Jalan Stewart Georgetown
near Kapitan Mosque
the rate is rm24 per night

okay sangat laa tuu with breakfast some more

as soon we arrive there
nana's mom fetch us at the airport
nana is the local there actually
so she guide us all through the journey
so after that we go straight to the hostel where we gonna stay afterwards

few tempat and mission kitorang pergi adalah
1. cari streetart around penang by bicycle sewa satu basikal rm 8 half day
2. babanyonya mansion
3. batik museum
4. nasi kandaq beratuq
5. Bendera hill
and seriously banyak lagi tempat yang kitorang pergi dan buat onar disana >.<

just enjoy the pictures of us goofying around Penang

seriously saying korang angat angat. mwah ♥

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