Make Up Purpose? Men or What?

Saturday, August 20, 2016

eyyo darlingston, Assalamualaikum

I just feel like writing today
hew hew

Kenapa perempuan make up?
untuk ngorat lelaki ke??
mesti ada laki yang tanya this kind of question and some girls who won't get it the power of makeup

for me
for me laa kan
i don't know about you guys

Hell No I would makeup For Men!!!
for me woman wore makeup for their own motivation.
we girls feel more confident wearing makeup..
right girls??

we feel like we are ready to kick off our day and going anywhere without feeling like a goose.

but I is against pale white skin because..I am alive..I don't have too look like ghost to be pretty.

you know right that "whitening era" where beautiful are measured by skin colour.

I still against that

Wearing makeup for woman
it help us too feel beautiful
when we feel beautiful, we are confident

it is not like competing with other girls.
not that way
but too spread this positivity through makeup and help othet girls too feel beautiful too

you don't believe me guys?

try to text your partner "goodmorning beautiful"
it will lighten up their day and she will be in good mood the whole day.
That is how it affect woman's everyday life.

so don't judge woman by makeup
the power of makeup is so beyond that what you see
and the word beautiful it self holds a lot of emotional effect on woman.

so guys
just let your girls get their hand on makeup.even better..give them makeup

because this secret superpower makeup brought is more than what you see.

only cheap girls wear makeup for men.
till then

Goodnight Dearies
11:46 pm
20th August 2016

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