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Monday, August 29, 2016

Hello Assalamualaikum

today is all about breakfast
I always love breakfast

and who doesn't love breakfast?

So I decided to make an appreciation post about breakfast to celebrate breakfast we all had every morning

So what did you eat breakfast?

Nak kata healthy breakfast
me myself head over heels for nasi lemak or mee goreng

and most days bila duduk rumah je, I eat breakfast twice.
first dalam pukul 8
second round dalam pukul 11

if not
the whole day i tak senang hati sebab lapar

so let say if I had cereal or muesli in my first round
the second round I'd be looking for bread, fruits or kalau ada nasi lemak I sebat je.hehe

my favourite breakfast cereal so far

I thought Im gonna hate this
but in the end i even could eat this for dinner sebab sedapp

For Muesli this is one of top favourite sampai tak makan dgn susu pun takpe
sedap gila

for milk
i don't mind
low fat ke full cream ke
sebab i buy milk ikut harga
mana ada promosi tu yang I beli
I is warga miskin bandar gais

and my way of eating cereal. susu tak lebih dari cereal
cereal taknak tenggelam dgn susu
paras susu mestilah cetek dan cukup rasa je

there is actually a research found that a big breakfast is good for woman
so basically girls eating a lot of food for breakfast is actually helps them mentally and physically.

tapi nak big breakfast pun make sure yang healthy laa
karang gemuk menangis la kau di penjuru katil

so don't forget to breakfast okayy
love you to the bits

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