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Friday, January 01, 2016

Assalamualaikum Sayang

seeing good response of my recent post on night facial routine
it's ticking me to share what I usually wore before going to class
what kind of face look do I prefer
usually I'm trying to keep it light
make it look appropriate for class
because we are not going to an model audition ladies
we are humbly going to class to learn and filled our brain with some good inputs

btw you may have bad responses on this
and some of you may find this as an inspiration

well it depends on you guys how you prefer yourself to be
it is amazing how a simple powder can change your whole attitude.

shall we get started ♥

 as I say before prepping your skin before wearing makeup is important
but I don't prefer heavy makeup look for going to class
but a little bit this and that will make you feel confidence
now now
when I say makeup
we don't do it for others really
but it is for ourselves to make us feel confident and pretty all day long

first of course cleanse your face thoroughly ok baby
you guys have your own difference preference on your facial wash
so no pressure here
well for me
I use Neutrogena facial cleanser

and then make sure to moisturize
make it a daily regime
wash, moisturize,wash,moisturize

why eh kak need to moisturize?
don't you feel your face crackly dry after washing your face.

Primer is a must
 I use baby skin by Maybelline here
your foundation, concealer, powder will stay in place 

well it is quite far to walk from putra ktm to my campus
so I prefer something that contain spf no matter what.

Next is CC Cream
I am a Maybelline junkie
yeah I think so>.<

what does CC cream for?
Care and Correct your skin tone
and it's contain SPF37

well this one it depends on you guys whether you want it or you think your eyes swell like a panda
I am a student
I sleep at 1 am sometimes
so I actually have panda eyes

so to cover it I prefer concealer
I currently use Pure Concealer Mineral by Maybelline
from what I observe and my trials
you need damp blending sponge to apply this concealer

and then moving on to powder to set this baby
we students just admit we can't afford Laura Mercier setting translucent powder or Ben Nye or Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette
 so actually we can use Johnson baby powder
Johnson baby powder also will work fine on your me
it work just the same
it is also have fine grain of powder which allow to set your concealer without looking weird
because it's for baby
we are baby

ok ok
for compact powder I usually use Maybelline (again)

 don't ask my shade
 I have every each of the shade.
I am a crazy woman
yeah.. I am so fussy

Lipbalm to make your lips nice and dewy not cracky and bloody
babylips ofcourse
this one in cherry kiss
that is essential

well when I suddenly tersiap awal ke
terajin ke
tersengaja nak siap awal ke

I decided to pull of some Mascara
because girl
I need those lashes to kill a man ♥
I heard it somewhere else
don't judge me

this mascara usually do the trick
because this one is waterproof ( incase of raining or sweat..we never know)
and this is quite easier to remove than my other mascara
I have one that make my lashes fall off and I is sad

well what I like about this mascara is because of their bristle
it is so fine and make your lashes hair separate nicely
I give 8/10 point for this mascara

or maybe some eyeliner would do the trick
I prefer brown eyeliner so it does not look heavy
and not gel eyeliner or liquid eyeliner
sebab I wear contact lense and sometimes kita tergsosok mata sebab duduk dlm aircond lama sangat
kering contact lense
so if I ever smudge my eyeliner will still look like eyeshadow >.<

or lipstick
when it comes to lipstick
I love natural warm shades (for now laa kann)
my current go-to lipstick is from Maybelline Color Sensational lines
I freakin love this color ♥♥♥

most days
I would wear simple tee's with jean
or flannel..boyfriend shirt with tee's
I rarely would wear blouses
sometimes I would wear skirts
but on Friday
I love to wear something more decent
a jubah for example
a long blouse with skirts
baju kurung of course.

sneakers or sandals or flats.
that's it
and I'm ready to go

My advice
avoid wearing slipper or flip flop or selipar jamban
the lecturers never like student wearing shabby shabby to class
they expect you to be professional and neat

well that's it girls
if you have any question
do not hesitate to ask
if you have any recommendations or request
please comment down below
I will try keep updated with recipes and beauty tricks
good day ladies ♥

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