GUARDIAN makeup haul ❤

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Assalamualaikun Darlings ❤

well i have been to guardian few times
and everytime i went there
i make sure i got my hand on makeup.

well it is not really a haul seriously
i just bought 6 makeup item
the rest is skincare..umbrella..chocolate (seriously anis -_-)
maybe i will touch on skincare much later
but let me share my reviews on few products which i get from guardian
well you know
guardian have sales right now
and the price is affordable than before

these are the new babies ❤❤
1. mat magique BB essence foundation
2.Sun primer
3.Defining Blush blusher
4.eyeliner Pen
5.Color Sensational lipstick
6.Moisture Rich lipstick T.T

this is water foundation that similar to smashbox BB water and shu eumura's water foundation
so you have to shake the bottle before using it. so my advice is to wear primer before applying this foundation and preferably use blending sponge
but you dont need to wet the sponge..because this is water foundation.
what i like about the foundation is is not heavy and senang nak cuci banding dgn foundation yang thick consistency
kalau tak pakai primer..bila berpeluh tuu.. masha allah
serupa x pakai foundation jadinya T.T
so pakai primer kayy.
i got mine in ROSE VANILLA SHADE

i just bought this just now. so i don't now how will it be on my skin
but from what i test on my hand.. it is super light and it does not have that smooth kinda feel like other primer.
and it have SPF 30
that's the main reason why i need to have this

i got mine in shade THINK PINK
this blusher are not so pigmented which i love about it because i dont have a light hand to apply blusher especially
so.. i love this blusher ❤
and i am considering to buy 2 more shades of this catrice blusher line

i have to admit that i am super regretting buying this eyeliner.
it have felt tip, and the color didn't come out well
dia sangat tak pekat..
and hujung tip dia tu macam dakwat tak sampai
you have to press hard on your hand only the ink will come out well
macam sakit hati beli eyeliner niii

i have told you guys before kan
this is my current go-to lipstick in shde summer sunset
it have warm mauve shade.
but i don't wear this all week long..i need to wear appropriate lip color which match my hijab or else i would look like an evil nanny.
well it cost for RM 22.90 in guardian and more expensive in watson.

this is also a nutty shade lip color vut it is really oily when you apply it.
but that greasiness disappear as time goes by.
and this sold for RM17 IF Im NOT MISTAKEN

yang atas tu silkygirl in sensual..bawah tu summer sunset.

well for cathydoll sun primer. i will try it in a week and i will come back to share with you guys how good the primer is.

untill then


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