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Sunday, January 17, 2016

hey there lovely pipol

its my first time writing a post using a phone
so its kinda weird but..convenient

hek hek

nothing much actually
i just wanted to share my concern of my looks
i got deceived numerous time by my look
orang kata muka macam budak budak

so when i told them yang i am not in school anymore but.. i am on my last year of degree
some people even get shock knowing my real ages.

somehow im gonna look old too..i know
but when i am gonna make a big decision for myself like getting married ( for example)
people gonna start mumbering " ei muda lagi dah nak kahwin " -_-
letih laa kita macam ni

people who are same age with me are already pregnant
those who are younger already being called as mommy

why can't i have that kind of things tooo

dont include guys who thought of me like a sister and treat me like a kid
when i share my thoughts or review on things
they will be like "you are young..what do you know?"

and i really hate this statement
" kau muda .jauh lagi perjalanan kau"

being young doesn't mean you are limited in doing things
don't ever strained people from trying new things just because they are YOUNG
i love my young kid kinda look
but i hate people who deceived me from doing a lot of things

i am saying this..because i have my own voice
and i should speak it out
because i am so tired of being a kid when i am not

*( some scary notes..i am alone at home and i keep hearing doors open and close. fine in this part i am a 6 years old kid)

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